Bauer, Lorna

Lorna Bauer, Grey is a Colour, Gray is a Color, 2013.


Grey is a Colour, Gray is a Color

"The blank grey-painted shop front depicted most likely doesn’t exist at the moment of writing these lines, or at the very least has been radically transformed. Besides the indexical rubric of the photographic — Roland Barthes’s 'it has been' — conveyed by this image, the façade becomes a kind of blind area, fossilized, unable to “return” the gaze. Bauer’s work stems from an investigation of the most abstract features of the photographic process. Nevertheless, this new cycle generates metaphors, because the experience of the real always necessitates filling a gap. These images seem to indicate that there routinely lies a negotiation between what appears and what disappears as a given entity in our relationship with the concrete world of materials and scenes. The void (and absence of meaning) forms the material core of the visible."
(Vincent Bonin, Excerpt from a text that accompanied the exhibition Grey is a Colour, Gray is a Color.)

  • 2013
61 x 50.8 cm |
Edition 1/3



Lorna Bauer is an artist who lives and works in Montreal. Bauer has presented her work in solo exhibitions at Galerie Nicolas Robert, Sporobole, YYZ Artist Outlet, Gallery Les Territoires, the University of Toronto Art Centre, and the Projection Access Space at the Art Gallery of Mississauga. Recently, her work was included in The Work Ahead of Us, at the Musée d’art Contemporain de Montréal, and Decisive Moments, Somewhere Else at Trinity Square Video, Art Metropole, and Convenience Gallery (with Jon Knowles). Her video work has been screened at the Art Gallery of Hamilton and Nuit Blanche Toronto (2007, 2009). Upcoming activities include solo exhibitions at DAÏMÕN (with Jon Knowles) and Modern Fuel, as well as a production residency and exhibition (with Jon Knowles) through Dazibao-PRIM. In 2012, Bauer was artist-in-residence in the Québec-New York State residency program in New York City. In late 2013, she will be a resident artist at Couvent des Récollets in Paris supported by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.