Eaton, Jessica

Jessica Eaton, CFAAL 74, 2010.



Jessica Eaton is interested in expanding the conceptual framework of photography. Any abstraction in her works is created from elements found in all photographs — elements pushed to the surface through reductive strategies. Increasingly, her ideas are inspired by and are in dialogue with the consequences of digitization. The cube utilized as a potentially neutral form bears witness to a phenomenon inherent to the usually invisible dimension of photography. Through modular studies, various explorations of optics, perception, illusion, time, spatial relationships, digital metaphors, and additive colour theory are able to become an apparent subject of the photograph.

Archival pigment print,
  • 2010
50.8 x 40.6 cm |
Edition 3/5



Jessica Eaton holds a BFA in photography from Emily Carr University in Vancouver and lives in Montreal. She has exhibited at Higher Pictures, Jen Bekman Projects and the Sasha Wolf Gallery, all in New York, and at the Nudashank Gallery in Baltimore. In Toronto her work has been shown at Contact Gallery, Red Bull 381 Projects, and the Angell Gallery; in Vancouver at LES Gallery, Access Gallery, and Blanket Gallery; and in Montreal at Galerie PUSH. Her photographs have been published in numerous publications including Foam, ARTnews, BlackFlash, Color Magazine, Pyramid Power, Lay Flat 02: Meta, and Hunter and Cook. Eaton was awarded the Bright Spark Award (2011) for the Magenta Flash Forward Emerging Photographers from the US, UK, and Canada. Her work has also been recognized by the Humble Arts Foundation and Jen Bekman Projects.