Giguère, Yan

Yan Giguère, Bosquet de clématites, 2009.


Bosquet de clématites

This photograph is taken from the Attractions corpus exhibited at Optica, Montreal, in 2009 and at Séquence, Chicoutimi, in 2010. It evokes the invisible forces of nature: tropism and gravity, which take us back to the idea of growth, elevation, and the apparent disorganization of things that naturally strive for equilibrium.

Gelatin silver print on baryta paper,
  • 2009
96.5 x 94 cm |
Edition 1/4



Yan Giguère, who lives and works in Montreal, has several solo exhibitions to his credit, notably Choisir at ­Occurrence in 2007, Bienvenue at Galerie B-312 in 2002, Chavirer at VOX in 2001, and Attractions at Optica in 2009. His works have been acquired by numerous public and private collections, including the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec and Hydro-Québec. In his photographic works, Giguère focuses on the connections we maintain with the ordinary and the everyday. Interested in photography’s varied modes of production, he seeks to capture instances in which reality seems to escape its own framework. Giguère flirts with the idea that time is not necessarily a ­succession of moments, but rather a simultaneous ­outpouring of them.