Moss, Nadia

Nadia Moss, Dirt on Top, 2012.


Dirt on Top

Dirt on Top is from a series of soil-based drawings, in which an earthy figure interacts uncomfortably with a ghostly pink one. The soil in this piece comes from the west end of Toronto, and is a slightly lighter brown than soil collected in Montreal. To apply it I use a technique of multiple stencils and acid-free spray adhesive.

Ink and soil on paper,
  • 2012
23 x 33 cm



Nadia Moss is an artist based in two cities with ridiculous mayoral situations, Toronto and Montreal. She has had two books of drawings published by the Quebec independent L’Oie de Cravan and has shown extensively in artist-run centres and alternative spaces across Canada and the U.S. These include the Yukon Arts Centre in Whitehorse, Push Gallery in Montreal, Artspace in Peterborough, and Space 1026 in Philadelphia. She spends a good deal of time sitting around dreaming up feminist revenge scenarios, and she holds an MFA from York University. Her work is in the Loto-Québec collection and on permanent display at Seneca College, York University Campus, in Toronto.