Pelc-McArthur, Lauren

Lauren Pelc-McArthur, The Stance, 2019.


The Stance

In her paintings, Lauren Pelc-McArthur reflects on technological and organic interconnectivity and its power to create and annihilate. Systems and micro-macro relations populate her work. Her works provoke optical effects through high-chroma fluorescence, rhythm, and pattern. Visual overload, sci-fi tropes, and psychedelic flotsam and jetsam are all mediated through screen aesthetics in her paintings to build imagined spaces in states of flux. In The Stance, a central structure, reminiscent of a flag pole or sail, dominates the canvas: a marker for a claim of influence. Marks alluding to currents and charges puncture and gyrate around the structure.

Oil, acrylic, and Flashe vinyl paint on canvas,
  • 2019
122 x 122 cm



Lauren Pelc-McArthur lives and works in Montréal. She received her BFA from OCAD University in 2012 and will receive her MFA from Concordia University in late 2019. She recently received the 2019 Nancy Petry Award in Painting, and in 2018 she was nominated for the RBC Canadian Painting Competition. She is the recipient of numerous grants and scholarships. She has participated in exhibitions at Art Mûr, The Power Plant, Projet Pangée, and Project Gallery. Her first two projects with Patrick Mikhail Gallery are slated for fall of 2019. Her works are in numerous private collections, and those of both Desjardins Bank and Equitable Bank have recently acquired her paintings.