Bagheri, Ebrin

Ebrin Bagheri, People You May Know, 2019


People You May Know

People You May Know is a poetic painting in which the different modes of masculinity are explored and the viewer is engaged with the notion of open secret, visible/invisible, and the aesthetic of closeted life.

Ballpoint pen and watercolour on watercolour paper,
  • 2019
84 x 89 cm



Ebrin Bagheri is an Iranian-Canadian visual artist currently living and working in Toronto. Working primarily in drawing and painting, he has been exploring issues pertinent to Middle Eastern culture and identity. He uses portraiture in particular to explore themes of masculinity and gender. In this work, he alludes to historical notions of pre-modern desire and gender norms that depart from current Western models. Bagheri has completed an MFA at York University and holds visual arts degrees from other Canadian institutions, including a BFA from OCAD University and an arts diploma from George Brown College.