Blais, Marie-Claire

Marie-Claire Blais, Densité neutre 7, 2009.


Densité neutre 7

Continuing an investigation of shadow and light that Marie-Claire Blais had begun several years ago, Densité neutre 7 employs a dynamic production process to explore the temporality of light. This particular approach suggests a cosmic dimension: a notion of time and space as simultaneous, scientific (the light’s colour, broken down according to the visible spectrum, tells us about the physical qualities of the substance from which it emanates), and perceptual (perception of the light’s intensity is part of the actuality of the gaze, the trace of one’s history).

Vinyl paint on 4-ply archival cardboard,
  • 2009
156.5 x 105.7 cm



Born in Lévis in 1974, Marie-Claire Blais lives and works in Montreal. For several years now, she has mainly focused her creative activity on drawing, while continuing her work with architecture and landscape. She is interested in a creative process that involves the body, space and time, and in which the action itself actualizes conceptual premises of the work. She welcomes the unknown and celebrates immateriality in a production that combines the characteristics of air and solid matter. This approach allows her to subvert the notion of clear delimitations between elements, social certainties, the concept of power, welcoming in their stead a promise of openness. Each project is an occasion to reexamine our relationship with the environment by revisiting the cultural patterns of spatial appropriation and perception. In recent years, she has focused on a series of drawings, L’hiver vient de l’ouest, that simultaneously explode and restore the drawing in an imaginary take on the visual scheme and vanishing point, our Cartesian legacy from the Age of Enlightenment./p>